Professional Teeth Whitening: Your Best Choice for a Bright Smile in North Shore!

As we get older, our teeth start to lose their natural whiteness. Our lifestyles can also speed up the process if we partake in habits such as using tobacco products or drinking coffee.

If you’ve noticed that your teeth are starting to look more yellow than white (think the tissue test), you might want to consider teeth whitening with Dr. Maja Simic. At Smile Dental Studio Glenview, we offer teeth whitening for a bright and white smile you can’t help but show the world.


We recommend you have a complete teeth cleaning before undergoing the teeth whitening procedure. A professional cleaning will ensure your teeth are free of plaque and tarter, so the whitening procedure will be more effective.

Dr. Maja Simic uses the PolaWhite whitening system, which she considers to be the gold standard when it comes to professional teeth whitening.

Using this system, she will apply the whitening gel onto your clean teeth. Care is always taken to protect the gums and lips. The gel will sit on your teeth for about 15 minutes as a special light is used to activate the gel. This process may be repeated.


After you’ve had your teeth whitened, you will want to protect your investment. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once. Keeping your teeth clean can help keep stains from forming on the surface of your teeth, making the whitening treatment last longer.

Make sure you stay current with twice yearly examinations and cleanings.

You’ll love your smile.

When you are ready for your whitest smile, call our office to find out about professional teeth whitening. Make an appointment today!

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