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Glo Science Professional Teeth Whitening

We value the importance of offering the very best teeth whitening options in modern dentistry. In doing so, Smile Dental Studio is proud to be a certified GLO Science dental practice, which means you can take advantage of a superior teeth whitening experience with fast results and little to no sensitivity.

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Box with GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening

GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening is an innovative system that delivers remarkable results using guided light optic technology. Depending on your personal preferences and whitening needs, GLO can be used in-office or at home for your convenience. This professional-grade whitening treatment uses a comfortable mouthpiece and patented combination of warming heat and light technology to erase teeth stains and accelerate your results. GLO Whitening is not only fast, but highly effective too. GLO products are known to lighten teeth by several shades with minimal time and discomfort. Ask us more about how you can get a brighter and more confident smile with GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening.

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