Why We Chose To Practice In Glenview

People generally love to go to the spa.  The dentist?  Not so much.  Lying under the glare of bright lights, getting injections in your mouth and opening wide while someone drills — it’s just not our idea of a good time.

In fact some people try to avoid the dentist altogether. Our esthetic-based service is here to change that while create a welcoming and relaxing experience. Nestled away approximately 30 min north of Chicago by car, there are so many great things about Glenview.

Here are a few reasons why we love providing care in Glenview, IL:


The relationships and strong community presence is evident in Glenview and surrounding communities. As a healthcare provider in this area we understand the importance of reaching out and educating our community about oral health. Being an active member of numerous organization and participating in hands-on courses to educate others.


After living in Chicago for years this suburban area motivated Dr. Maja Simic to establish an office with a spa-like feel. We are located in the heart of The Glen down the road from Kohl’s Children Museum and across from Gallery Park and Little Bear Gardens.

It is a close proximity for Chicago commuters, with sophisticated shops, delicious restaurants, parks and nature preserves, and of course the Chicago skyline in the distance are a few of the highlights.


While placing a strong emphasis on education has allowed us to align ourselves with the values of this community. It also doesn’t hurt that local Glenbrook South High School ranks among the top in the U.S. and State according to Business Insider.

We are currently accepting new patients and we would love to make you a part of the Smile Dental Studio community.  Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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